How to promote new stationery to create value

PUBDATE: 2015/11/4 9:24:20    6556 READER
Stationery products for the development of more and more students stationery are endowed with a lot of fashionable element, can say every new stationery injected a lot of the designer's ideas and efforts, so new product appear on the market for stationery manufacturers not is not important.The product price is the most effective way to increase profits, the problem is product access price transparency, terminal can raise prices it is difficult to.Hard to raise prices will lead to rapid decline in sales.So in theory the most effective way to big risks exist in the process of actual operation, the method of direct price is not workable, and the most effective way to upgrade products, high-grade new products to improve the added value is higher.Can solve the problem of access price offer already so, also can change the pin thanks to much problem.To improve the upscale product promotion success rate, it is necessary to solve the following questions: