In the first quarter of 2015 Chinese pen class import and export market statistics

PUBDATE: 2015/11/4 14:47:44    6624 READER
At present, China's stationery export various kinds, including pens, occupies an important position in the products.
Pen in our country are is export industrial products, export output value accounts for the industry output value of about 50%, so the pen industry have higher foreign trade dependence, the bead pen and wooden pencil industry appears more prominent.Pen industry after joining WTO, our country will share the benefits of economic integration, can enjoy the multilateral, permanent most-favoured-nation treatment, omni-directional to expand exports.Will greatly increase with the reduction of tariffs on products exports, especially cheap pen products exports will pull the pen industry overall economic growth.In addition, due to the reduced tariffs, enterprises may import international advanced technology, equipment, low cost, high quality cheap raw materials, technical reform and innovation, so as to reduce the cost, at the same time also can improve the quality and grade of products, enhance market competition ability.