Ningbo stationery implementation of extension of connotative development way

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With the rapid development of Chinese economy and the formation of the new pattern of world economic integration, international stationery market competition have crossed the initial product competition stage, in the implementation of standardized management of product, mold industry era of brand competition.Ningbo stationery depends on the implementation of standardized management of industry, go the way of extension of ningbo stationery connotative development;Relying on "of Chinese stationery" brand strategy, pay attention to build a new image of ningbo stationery.A, ningbo stationery industry association to pay attention to in implementing the stationery industry standardization cultivation guide ningbo stationery enterprises within the enterprise is continuously deepen the mechanism innovation, inspire the enthusiasm of enterprises to actively implement standardized work.Make the enterprise understand that in the modern enterprise development, the implementation of standardized technical management king stationery is the driving force of industrial development, and accelerate transformation of the mode of economic growth.To create a good environment, firm the confidence of the implementation of the standardization technical management work.Assist enterprises in the enterprise internal establish technical innovation system, to enhance the inner motive power of enterprise and high quality stationery, promotes the enterprise the transformation of scientific and technological innovation for industrial advantage and competitiveness, effectively promote the industry's capacity for independent innovation.Further perfect industry development planning, according to the municipal government "about to speed up the structural adjustment of adhere to the road of new industrialization upgrade the several opinions of the policy, formed with stationery enterprises to implement standardization technology management work together, we will vigorously support stationery industry leading enterprises, drive a batch of small and medium-sized enterprises, by leading enterprises to better realize the organic combination of enterprise development planning and industries planning.Ningbo stationery industry's future development, will rely on "of Chinese stationery" brand, the ningbo stationery industry continue to develop and expand, earnestly to speed up cultivating advanced manufacturing base.Guided by the central economic work conference spirit, earnestly implement the ningbo city industrial enterprise spirit of "eleven five" plan and establish a scientific concept of development, optimize the industrial structure actively, conscientiously implement the stationery industry standardization work, actively participate in the national professional standardization technical committee work, actively integrate international manufacturing production standard system, adhere to the road of new industrialization.Two, was awarded the title of "China stationery" greatly stimulated the ningbo ningbo stationery stationery industry walks road of the development of high quality in the government and relevant departments under the vigorously support and foster, in January 2005, ningbo stationery was awarded the title of "China stationery", ningbo government and timely issued relevant supporting policies, further accelerated the pace of the stationery industry.Emphatically from the aspects of policy, funds and so on to give strong support to the stationery industry.In the new "about adhere to take a new road to industrialization, speed up structural adjustment upgrade several opinions of the file, the municipal government has clearly put the stationery industry as a key support for the development of the city one of the top ten advantages in manufacturing, and in terms of fund, policy, land give key support and guarantee, it will be for the next step of ningbo stationery industry's sustained and healthy development provides a powerful policy guarantee.According to the requirements of the municipal government of ningbo stationery industry development strategy, ningbo stationery industry association is also actively planning "of Chinese stationery" industry construction, designed to ensure that ningbo stationery industry in a new round of competition in the industry remains the first-mover advantage, and with "of Chinese stationery" as an opportunity to accelerate industrial structure adjustment, in a new round of international competition, the ningbo stationery great-leap-forward development, and further enhance the ningbo in the international competition of comprehensive strength.Three basic situation of ningbo, ningbo stationery industry is the most important stationery production and processing and export base in China.In 2005, stationery industry sales of 22 billion yuan, the export value of $2.2 billion, ningbo stationery industry has become a key support one of ten big advantages in the development of manufacturing industry.Ningbo stationery products category is complete, covers the writing instruments, paper the primer, hardware, stationery, file storage products, chemical supplies, teaching equipment, art supplies, school supplies, office box cabinets, office supplies and office equipment, such as 11 categories, products more than tens of thousands of kinds.Throughout the development of ningbo stationery industry, mainly has the following characteristics: 1, actively promote international standardization strategy, enterprise product quality overall is good.Actively promote the international standardization of stationery industry strategy is another important feature of ningbo stationery industry development, ningbo stationery company in time to seize the economic globalization and our country join WT0 years of good opportunity, actively carry out international technical exchanges and cooperation, exploring a joint venture, franchise, virtual management new pattern, give full play to its own in a new round of international industrial division of "comparative advantage", efforts to expand the scale of production, and strive to achieve leapfrog development.For a long time, ningbo stationery company has always attached great importance to standardization.As early as in the domestic market in the period of products in short supply of stationery, ningbo stationery enterprises have been away for a rainy day, future-oriented, push forward the standardization management, the enterprise management, quality management and so on to join investment, comprehensively enhance the overall quality of enterprises.At present, in the larger stationery manufacturing enterprises through a variety of quality management system certification of enterprises reached more than 90%, the production of stationery product quality in line with national and industry standards ratio reached 100%, and there are a large number of export products exempted from inspection product.